Our mission

Teach all the people of the world the importance in the practice of CANINE COMMUNICATION to achieve balance and well-being with their Pets.

Our vision

To be an academy specialized in CANINE COMMUNICATION AND PSYCHOLOGY that offers complete solutions and the necessary tools to improve the lives of people and their pets.

Our philosophy

Our history

Pawmily Born from the need to teach people to communicate properly with their pet under the tutelage of a professional team, offering them the necessary tools so that they can manage, control and rehabilitate their pets.

Our team

TOur entire team is made up of professional, responsible and committed people with our Mission and philosophy. People who love and respect the nature of the dog in order to achieve its well-being.

Our leader

We work guided by the hand of Yoaciel Cristóbal also known as “Dog Gurú”. He evaluates and identifies the problem in order to establish the necessary exercise routine for each specific case.

Yoaciel is the only certified Puerto Rican who belongs to the group of trainers that assists Cesar Millán in his clinics in the United States.