Dog Training & Consultation
We offer to maximize the health and well-being of your best friend. That is why we take into account the physical and psychological factors of your pet before prescribing any medication. Working together with Camp Pawmily we ensure that your pet has a positive association with his visit to the vet.
Are you going on a trip? Relax, we take care of your dog! In our lodging we offer: Structured walks and socialization among the pets together with the Day Camp herd in a safe and supervised friendly environment. Night staff. We pick up and deliver your dog.
Day Camp
It is a unique and special service provided by Pawmily that consists of working a routine program for the pet established in the consultation according to its needs, taking into account its age, breed and conditions. Includes: Structured walks, Socialization, Group activities, Days at the beach, the established routine is reinforced, and We pick up and deliver your dog.
We have a trained team that works hand in hand with the camping group so that the dogs receive exercise before grooming, with the aim that they can be relaxed and thus can associate the bathing and haircut process with a positive experience.
Dog Psychology
Dogs have their psychology and their way of communicating with us. As experts in Canine Language and Communication, we will offer workshops led by César Millán, where we will train people to understand, know and practice this philosophy of life that we call Canine Psycholog.